Time to switch directions…?

The other morning I saw a clever email subject line I had to swipe. It said: “It’s Time to Switch Fan Directions.” If your not from a part of the country that experiences the four seasons, that phrase might not click. A quick (and probably needless) explanation: Ceiling fans have two directions… In the summer, you want the air blowing down to cool you off. In the winter, you push a switch up to reverse the … Read more

Walkin’ the walk when you’re marketing to architects

This past weekend, I went to the local car rental place to pick up a car for my week-long business trip. I was going to be driving for 8 hours away, so I’d requested something a little more comfortable than usual. When I got there, they pointed at a bright yellow hot rod. It looked pretty sweet but way too cool for me. All I could imagine was the highway patrol licking their chops as I pedaled … Read more

[Architect Mind-Hack #42] When stalking is a good thing…

I’m sure we’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating… Before you start writing any of your marketing messages, you have GOT to get into the mindset of your prospect. Bow your head and weep for that poor, helpless soul. Schlepping through life without your product or service to light his way… Think about your prospect’s problems for a while. Then you can start writing… Starting with sympathy… Today I was listening to a podcast … Read more

Are you using this crucial recipe to make sure the right architects are on your mailing list?

A few weeks ago, an email subscriber asked a great question. It was about whether direct mail is a good option for connecting with architects. My answer started with the ever-frustrating, “It depends…” But I didn’t leave him hanging. And today I’ll expand on the most important part of my answer, so you can benefit as well. What’s the most important starting point of any direct mail campaign? The effectiveness of direct mail to architects … Read more

Why do fools (& architects) fall in love?

Early in our relationship, my wife knew I was a bit different. And it’s important you know a bit more about how an architect thinks. Even if you’re not married to one, you’re trying to court them into specifying your product. Or use your services. So here’s another little story to give you some insight into how us architects think… It was a dark and stormy night… One night about 18 years ago, my wife and … Read more

Sins of the Flesch-Kincaid

Today, let’s talk about one of the bigger challenges you might face in the messages you put out there in your marketing to architects… Or any of your communications… Writing simply Recently, when I was helping a client improve some content on their website, we ran into a tough one. The article was very technical in nature, had a lot of good information, but was a bear to read through. As usual, I started with the original … Read more

Surveys, using great testimonials, and the mirror on the wall

Yesterday, I was reading about how — and why — to get great testimonials from your customers and clients. (Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics has a lot of great marketing information and ideas out there. You should check them out sometime.) Anyway, it got me thinking about what I see a lot of building industry companies doing to get feedback to guide their future marketing efforts… surveys. My beef with surveys? Several years ago, I signed up with several different … Read more

Bigfoot’s secret for marketing to architects

Last week, I was passing a semi on the highway. As I passed the long trailer, I looked up and saw the giant, angry face of Bigfoot plastered across the side (I think it was a truck full of beef jerky…). Anyway, besides making me hungry for salted meat, it also got me thinking about you. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Bigfoot reminds me of you. Well, more specifically, of helping you get better at … Read more

Just heard this in the office…

If you’re a building product manufacturer or supplier, here’s a quick, off-the-cuff tip I just thought of for you… This morning, minding my own business, I overheard another architect in the office. He was commenting on a casework supplier he’d never heard of getting on his current project that’s under construction. “I’m going to check out their website. If it looks OK I’ll feel better about working with them…” That’s right. Architects really do care … Read more

Marketing lessons from an I-80 rest area?

Earlier this week I was traveling down I-80, on my way to a project construction meeting. When I had to make an unplanned stop at a rest area. Who knew I’d walk out with a marketing lesson for you? Of course, I’m always looking for topics to cover in these little ditties I put together for your entertainment and edification. Anyway… So I’m at this rest area washing my hands when one of the Parks & … Read more