Want better connections to architects almost overnight?

Earlier this week, I was driving two hours to one of my architectural projects. While driving, I re-listened to a marketing seminar I’ve found particularly helpful. Helpful in many ways, especially mindset. And one of the many nuggets I’ve found in there is especially valuable for you. (If your goal is better connections to architects and your other clients, that is.) The seminar is one of many put on by marketing expert, Sean D’Souza. I … Read more

How to stop your building material website from sucking wind

How the heck can I possibly know your building material website isn’t performing as well as you’d like? (Just in case you were wondering, that’s what “sucking wind” means… I learned it back in the Army when we were having trouble keeping up the pace with our drill sergeants…) So how did I know? Am I wizard? Do I have a crystal ball or something? Naw — Just a lucky guess. Actually, based on the … Read more

Are your AIA presentations making this critical error?

Last Friday, I was sitting at lunch with a room full of fellow architects. And I overheard something that perked my ears up… Something to help you make sure you’re creating a good AIA presentation. You see? I’m always tuned in for something to share — with you, my faithful readers, and with my clients. Even when I’m just trying to eat my lunch and mind my own business… Lunch at the AIA Iowa Convention… So … Read more

Can you say “Awkward Cold Call”…?

A couple days ago, I got an awkward, hesitant phone call from a building product rep. Technically, it wasn’t a cold call, because I’d reached ut first. But it sure left me feeling cold afterward… Here’s what happened… I’d filled in a contact form on the manufacturer’s website last week. I wanted to check out some of their technical data sheets online and they required way too much information… (name, email, phone number, address, company name, … Read more

How to Write Defensively and Get Your Substitution Requests Approved

Here’s something that’s always amazed me… (…And it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get your foot in the door on every project out there.) It’s how insufficient a lot of substitution requests are. The ones coming through during a building project’s bidding phase. Or during construction. I’d understand if the specifications weren’t very good. Or didn’t provide explicit requirements on what we expected from manufacturers. But a lot of the projects I’ve worked on … Read more

[Architect Mind-hack #9] Future Projects…

This is the last step in my series expanding on a guest post I wrote for Venveo’s blog. Together, these nine steps give you an outline to start cultivating new relationships with architects. Enough with the small talk! Let’s get right to it… You now have her ear for product suggestions – Use it! This is it! You made it to the finish line. Now you can stop and celebrate… But just for a minute. As you probably … Read more

Removing obstacles…

Eight or nine years ago, when I was learning to write better proposals, I came across an eye-opening realization… We’re all wired to say “no.” Why? Because it’s the easy way out. If you say NO, that means you don’t have to change anything. “Mom, can I go over to Billy’s to play?” “No.” “Why?” “Because I said so.” (Translation: Because, if I say “yes,” I’ll have to stop what I’m doing to call Billy’s … Read more

Always be searching…

Definition – “cul-ti-vate: to grow or raise something under conditions you can control.” We’ve come a long way together. We’re on the last stretch of our final three steps. Now, on these last three, you’ll notice they’re not your typical steps. You won’t just go through them, check a box and move on to the next. No. If you’ve done the first six steps effectively, you’ve set the stage for these next three. We now … Read more

Racking the shotgun to find “The Architect” [Step 6]

Last night, I started re-reading another great marketing book from my shelves. It’s called, “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” by Perry Marshall. Perry is a marketing consultant I’ve been following for several years. I highly recommend you check out his book and his website, www.perrymarshall.com. (If you go to the “80/20” page of his site, you can get the book for 1 penny + shipping…) Good stuff! So what? What do my reading habits have to … Read more

Educate The Architect about your market like nobody else can

Here we are at Step #5 of your outline to cultivate new relationships with architects.   Here’s what we’ve covered so far: #1 – Do you start here when marketing to architects? Here’s why you should…  #2 – How to Win Over Architects: Step 2 – Research  #3 – But do you “like-like” me? A deeper relationship with your prospect… #4 – Assume the position… Thank you, sir. May I have another? Be sure to re-read … Read more